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The old Havron empire is in decline. What remains is now one kingdom of many. The former provinces are now almost all independent nations. The center of the empire is Rike, the capital city. Once a booming metropolis, Rike is still the largest city in on the continent, but is much reduced in stature. At its zenith, over a hundred thousand souls lived inside its walls. Today it holds less than a third of that.

The only nation that still pays tribute to the empire is the Scalan Archipelago. The waters around this string of islands boasts some of the most bountiful fishing grounds in the world. An imperial fleet patrols these waters on behalf of the fishermen to protect against poaching and piracy. In return, Scala tithes money and goods annually to the empire and offers its merchants favored trading status.

Recently, the empire was rocked by a violent dynastic succession. Emperor Meros XXI died at the age of seventy. His daughter Belane was in the Archipelago at the time, but her ship was lost at sea when she set out to return to Rike.

Several houses made a play for the throne, but the Hettan Family, with the aid of mercenary troops, seized control after three bloody days of fighting in the streets. So began the reign of Dunnek I, now entering its second year.

The empire’s biggest rival is Peledan. This was the first nation to break away from the empire and fought the most bitterly against their rule. A sort of cold war exists between them. The two nations do not formally recognize each other diplomatically, but merchants and travelers still move between the two. The walled city of Eastwatch serves as the Peledane capital. The center of the municipality –an old imperial fortress– has been converted into the royal palace.

The Splintered Princes: After the Havron Empire began to break apart, petty lords began to fight for territory. The region is still volatile to this day; with little wars breaking out all the time. The only thing that unites the lordlings is their resistance to the return of imperial rule.

There are two free cities in the region: Blackport is a wealthy trade port on the western coast run by an oligarch of guildmasters. Silverrun straddles the Merioth River. It is a city of learning and art. It has traded hands among the lords of the region several times, but the warring princes refuse to sack it, even for its wealth. It is said they believe destroying its beauty would carry a horrid curse.

The Lin Magocracy: Less of a nation, and more of a scattering of wizards’ towers across a gloomy land. They say the region is crisscrossed with powerful ley lines, making it idea for arcane study. It is also said to be infested with enchanted beasts and monsters.

Koldarth: Is the dwarf city-kingdom. Located high in the Wyrmspine Mountains, it is mostly subterranean, with a strong redoubt overlooking Eyrie Pass. Few outsiders ever enter the lower halls.


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