The Lands of Bryll

Session #0 (and a start on #1)

Heroes are formed and monsters are fought.

Most of the inaugural session was spent creating the characters and explaining some of the FAGE rules to the group. We had four players at the table, with a fifth likely for a later session.

Our heroes:

Ongewasgone An elven rogue from the Feypines. Exiled from his clan when convicted of theft, he became a wanderer. Eventually, he left the forests to experience the wider world.

Senderos Talloran Is from a prosperous elven house that trades with the human and dwarf lands. He is a distant cousin to Ongewasgone, but largely ignores him. Senderos trained as a mage (Lightning and Heroic Arcanae).

Judah Is a human warrior who began life as a longshoreman at the river docks in Havron. Years of labor have made him strong. As a youth, he learned the basics of combat and stories of warfare from an ex-soldier that worked on the waterfront too. A local friar of the Radiance taught Judah the basics of the faith and his letters.

Stellatus Quercus Is a human rogue from a moderately prosperous family in Havron. As a younger son, he was sent to become an initiate in the church, but a scandal forced his departure before taking his orders. The family hushed it up, but he was “asked” to leave town, at least for a while.

The party found themselves in the temporary employ of the self-styled Baron Tasca, a petty lordling in the Splintered Princes. While pursuing a “border dispute” with a neighbor, a scout returned with news of an abandoned watchtower not far into the Broken Moors. Tasca had been looking for such places as possible sally points to use in his “conquests.” The party was given the task to investigate the tower up close and see if it would be suitable.

The scout’s directions were simple enough: A half day’s march to the east until you reach the standing stones atop a wide hill. From the top you can see the tower a few miles off to the southeast. Tasca sent Ralf, one of the foot soldiers, to bolster the party’s ranks.

The hike through the badlands went smoothly enough. Once the menhirs came into view, Ongewasgone and Senderos’ keen elven senses detected movement among the stones. The party split up, with the rogues (Ongewasgone and Stellatus) sneaking around to one side and finding cover. Judah led Senderos and Ralf straight up the hill, weapons at the ready.calanaisstandingstones_750_tcm4-552293.jpg

The rogues found a convenient boulder to hide behind, spying four beastmen (gnolls) on the hill. They ambushed them with a volley (bow and crossbow) and the fight was on!
The battle was fierce but over fairly quickly, and the monsters managed to get in a few good blows before falling to the heroes. Ongewasgone favored using his archery, Stellatus switched from crossbow to bladework when a gnoll closed with him. Senderos cast ably with his heroic spells and some electrical stunning. Judah skewered one with a javelin before employing his brutal mace. Even Ralf managed a few good hits with his sword and survived the fight despite taking a couple hacks. When the last beastman fell, the party prepared to search the bodies and area before pressing on to the tower.



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