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(See the Map of Bryll in the Maps section)


The Great Ice is a polar ice cap with towering frozen cliffs.
The Isle of Teeth is tundra and rocky beach.
The Maelstrom is a gigantic whirlpool that moves about in the eastern Krakensea. The mark on the map is NOT the size of the whirlpool, but rather denotes the area the maelstrom is typically found in.
The Empty Land is barren tundra.
Krakensea is a cold ocean of treacherous currents and the occasional iceberg.
Feypine is a dense taiga forest of towering evergreens. (Home of the elves)
Wyrmspine Mountains are a range of peaks averaging 12-15,000 ft high.
Titanswood is a vast forest of mixed evergreen and broadleaf trees (mostly oaks).
Eyrie Pass is the main route through the Wyrmspines.
The Forest of Lies is a dense broadleaf forest in eastern Lin. Rumored to be full of monstrous creatures.
The Desert of Scars is a blazing sandbox full of scorpions, snakes, and worse.
The Broken Moors are an expanse of hilly badlands. Blighted by a series plagues generations ago. Ruins still dot the landscape.
The Great Western Sea stretches off seemingly forever. Few have ever traveled far that way.
Scalan Archipelago boasts some of the finest fishing waters in the world. They pay a tribute to Havron to patrol their waters, protecting against pirates and poachers. The main island (Scala) has an active volcano on it.
Hin Swamp consists of mangroves and bayou. This is the homeland of the Hin (halflings), who live in small villages scattered about the swamps.
Orphian Jungles Dense rainforests that figure heavily in many legends. Few have ever traveled there, and fewer still have returned.
Dragonsreef A dangerous stretch of water riddled with shoals, currents, and coral reefs that can wreck a ship without warning.
Sea of Mirrors Warm, semi-tropical waters. Vicious storms come up from this way in the autumn. Elven corsairs also ply these waters.
Merioth River A large river named for a legendary dragon. Running through Silverrun, it connects Lin, the Principalities, and the old empire.
Wyldelands refers to the rolling steppes south of the desert. They stretch eastward beyond the edge of the map.

The bulk of the unmarked areas on the continent are a mix of prairie, farms, trees, and low hills.


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