Character Generation and House Rules

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PC Creation
(Players will make PCs together at-table for Session 0)

  1. Use Option 2 (point buy) on page 9 of the rules for ability generation.
  2. PCs may be Human, Elf, Halfling, Dwarf, Orc, or Gnome.
  3. PCs begin at 2nd level. Create a complete first level PC, then advance normally.
  4. PCs get maximum Health at first level, then roll normally after that.

Goals: Try to think of at least one short term and one long term goal for your PC. More is fine, but they should be something important to your character, not easily jettisoned. See page 28 for more information.

Ties: Your PC should have some sort of tie with each of his party members. A tie can be fairly tenuous. You don’t even have to know each other, but there should be a common thread or frame of reference to your stories. The two players need to agree on the tie. See page 28 for more information.

Secrets: Try to think of one or two ideas for character secrets. They can be related to goals (or not). They don’t have to be bad things, they might just be personal or a matter of honor. You and the GM will iron out the details during character creation. No more than one of the other PCs may know your secret to begin with. (Or it isn’t much of a secret, is it?)

Money & Equipment: Roll your starting money normally then double it.

  • No Black Powder
  • Grenades are not commonly available, but you can start with them at x2 listed cost.

Character Generation and House Rules

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