The Lands of Bryll

(Bryll is a home-brewed campaign setting for the Fantasy AGE RPG system from Green Ronin Publishing.)

This setting is best described as low-to-middle fantasy. Magic, fantastic races, and monsters exist; they aren’t even that uncommon, but they tend to be somewhat “low-key” in terms of power. Most people are humans, and while mages command real magic, it isn’t a panacea for every problem. Most spells are fairly specific and fleeting.

All that said, there are legends of more fantastic creatures, fabulous artifacts of immense power, and terrifying monsters out of nightmares. Most wouldn’t dream of pursuing such myths, but such is the stuff of adventurers.

Politics and power in Bryll are not stable. The old Havron empire is facing a dynastic crisis; the Splintered Princes continue their endless wars; and elven corsairs sack coastal settlements. It is a place where persons of drive and ambition could make a fortune –or their mark on history– if they have what it takes.

The Lands of Bryll

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